Marki and Frankie are Death Doulas helping those living with heavy hearts, embrace Life.   

With spiritual guidance and the practice of  "letting go" they serve to transform a heart of fear, to a heart as Light As a Feather.

Death is the one guarantee in life and knows no age, yet its the one thing people fear the most.

As we learn to accept death we learn to embrace Life.

Ancient Egypt ~

Weighing of the Heart 

A human would have their heart weighed after "death"~ if it was heavy, they would never make it to the afterlife and they would be stuck in the Underworld forever, or they would just disappear.

If the heart was light, the person would be able to go to the Land of Two Fields which was a place full of joy and happiness.  This was a place where the people would meet their loved ones that had died before them.











Confidential Services 


Death of Inner Suffering~ Phone or Zoom Call 

*$20 an hour 

  • Death of sadness, loneliness, guilt, grief, fear, self-hate   

  • Guidance for self acceptance, forgiveness

  • Emotional release after the death of a loved one 

  • Distant Reiki Healing

  •  Angel Cards, Bible Wisdom, Buddha Wisdom

  • Art for nurturing your inner child

  • ​Connecting with "self" by awakening all of the senses  

  •  Vision Boards/focus wheel

  • Spiritual Chess~play a timed chess game or learn Chess  on Zoom

Doulas of Death- In person~Serving those close to "death", those suffering from with dementia/memory loss or those in need of doulas for living with a light and feathery heart. 

Must complete and fill out forms to be provided and complete a thorough phone and Zoom call before meeting with Marki and Frank.

$35 an hour

  • Creating a personalized comfortable sacred space for a peaceful transition

  •  Opening all the senses for inner joy and peace 

  • Sound Healing 

  • Massage/ Reiki 

  • Prayer/Meditation

  • Wheelchair Pushes around town, Walks

  • ​Staying in the moment with peace and joy for those suffering with dementia/memory loss

  • Arts, painting, journaling 


Our goal is to help you love, accept and embrace life before death. 


About Us


Doula of "Death"- Marki


    Licensed Massage Therapist~Reiki Healer~National End-of Life Doula Member~

Nine Gates Mystery School 

  Marki was born and raised in Murray, Utah. 

She has explored religions from all over the world, been to spiritual retreats and has been and is a

     student of spiritual teachers from all over the world. 

             She has a deep love and respect for "God" and all of Creation.      

         She has had her own experience with "death" that has not only brought her to follow her dream of healing the world but to live life with a light and feathery heart.  



   Doula of "Death" -Frank  

   Frank (labradoodle) born in San Diego, Ca.  He is a healer, guide and teacher.

      He senses pain and suffering- he volunteers with elderly, 

      disabled, vets, children and those with heavy hearts. His presence brings 

         comfort, peace, love and happiness. 


To make an appointment:

Call or Text-   6025018784

Email-    lightasafeather.marki@gmail.com

We Pride Ourselves on Trust, Loyalty and  Confidentiality